Many decision-makers are tired of endless slide decks full of numbers, bar or pie charts. As the sheer number of data is increasing rapidly, market researchers find it hard to deliver presentations that stick. Often my clients say to me:

We do a lot of research and really gain a lot of valuable insights – but somehow we struggle to reach the right decision-makers and inspire data-based action. It feels like our insights get lost in our organization.“

Rings a bell?

The solution: Communicating data in the form of a story. Stories infuse data with meaning and meaning drives action.

I offer DATA STORYTELLING WEBINARS that will help you to:
… develop an overall storyboard
… tell a story with your data on every slide and in every headline
… adjust your presentation to the needs of different stakeholders
… develop a communication strategy and choose the best presentation mode for your insights

Webinars take place remote via Zoom and can either be a first introduction to Data Storytelling (e.g. 3 hours) including some practical exercises or a deep dive into macro and micro data storytelling guidelines and principles in two or more online sessions. I am happy to put together an individual training package for you and your team depending on your level of experience.

Get in touch here to become a data storyteller!